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Webcam chat liveshow with Transex Carla

Chat with Transex Carla and watch her sexy webcam! The porn liveshow of Transex Carla on Stars X is a free chat webcam for adults. There is Transex Carla's profile:

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Model profile: TRANSEX CARLA

Transex Carla StarsX

Transex Carla

Age: 34 years
Native country : Philippines

Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Dark
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Email: in the members section

Spoken languages: de es en

Astrological sign:
Presentation: Category : Transsexuals

Ethnicity : Asian

Profile :
hello guyz finally your half asian half bretish mistress is now arrive here so what are you waiting for come and kneel down on my kness lets explore all your dreams and fantasy and i i bring you to heel of glury cause your mitress is the most powerfull asian ts that can dominate and humelate and fuck you so bad here in public socialmidea you. serve her now as she has a women with the big huge between her legs that can feed you all her exflueded hot creamy cum that can gag you..so that you can taste her power. cause you need to be decipline for you to know who is you really looking for in thise world of eaming planet im gonna give you perfect time to relax and satidfied you for all you want so what are you waiting for serve her now. mistress commands show me your ability and ill bring you to your deeppies emagination fantasy.of reality.cause if you think that your the one im looking to be my king you must be wrongyou need to be a high tipper in my room 1st and fast all my chalengies to meet my standards thats how classy is your mistress.means your good servant and obeyier from your mistress..you must be impress and gain her trust and resfect before you to be her king .to feeel the pain pressure and pleasure from her i want your to treates her like real goddeis to worship with and be her ownership like her personal properties..

Turn Ons :
im looking for loyal and good obeyier slutybicthwhore slave who knows to listen my instruction cause your msitress thatt has very short patient as she dont like to wait for too longtime and i gues that you longing for is finally arrive here let see whose the most loser and weakies slaves here in thise site come and take all my commands . worship and serve me in real as in person and be my fulltime slave oh by the way im strick mistress so are you ready to serve your mistress now? try too looks all my movies and veds here.and you will know how your mistress can be cruel..or let see if you can hundle your mistresss...and you will never regreat me till on second life you will bear all our happies moment here as she belive thahat life is so short so why you lost a chance to serve thise worderfull and amezing mistress.on her private room think thise practically what if you will die today ? who will spend your money taht you workhard for hw many long year or let see for your whole life . and you dont in joy it yet who will comes to your money that you save it for long more years so it better you spent here atlist you make some good memories and no regreats when you go on second life...cause you cant bring all your money there did you got my point my slaves.. ok its up to you if you dont listen from your mistress here atlist you got some simple advice from me lol...

Turn Offs :
liar, no credits and rude no respect...


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